About Me

As an elite marathoner, sports scientist and running coach, running has been my passion since I was eleven years old. Nothing else has bought me the highs (and lows) that running has.

Whilst I have had many successes along the way, I’ve also made mistakes. I want to share the vast amount that I have learnt with others to ensure they don’t make the same ones.


My passion for coaching was born whilst studying at Oxford University. I found I really enjoyed helping others to reach their goals. I have a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and am extremely interested in the science behind distance running training. For the last four years, I have coached athletes at RunnersConnect. I’ve worked with so many different runners with their own stories and individual needs.

My philosophy centres around the health and happiness of the athlete. A healthy and happy athlete is most often a fast one! If an athlete isn’t healthy and happy, any successes will be short-lived and unsustainable. My coaching centres on these two principles in the knowledge that a healthy, happy athlete will see improvements with intelligent training.

  • Marathon PB 2hr37:44 10th Frankfurt October 26th 2014
  • Frankfurt Marathon 2hr38:22 October 25th 2015
  • London Marathon 2hr 38:04 April 24th 2016 3rd Championship race
  • Half Marathon PB 75.37 1st Wokingham Half February 8th 2015
  • 1st Brooks Snowdonia Marathon 28th October 2017
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